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The main goals of KUS-Network


The main goals of KUS-Network

KUS-Network is a non-profit organization that supports the Viennese apprentices for 65 years. We are an essential partner of the Viennese vocational schools and help to supply them with a variety of social offers as well as educational-, cultural- and sports-programmes.

Our goal and mission is to distribute our offers to the 21.000 Viennese apprentices. To promote, support and accompany them during their apprenticeship is a priority to us.


It is important for us to...
... be there for the apprentices and be a reliable confidant that they can trust
... give them opportunities to develop themselves and to reach their goals
... provide the best education and possiblities
... set various leisure offers, enlightenment and prevention-work
... promote self-help
... strengthen them in their personal life learning process and self-empowerment


What makes KUS-Network so unique?

Our organization is the only one located directly at the vocational schools in Vienna. The apprentices can contact us easily. Especially with our low-threshold youth work we can reach and help the apprentices in stressfull life situations and crises through their challenging day by day problems.

What do we offer?

KUS-Network covers 4 main fields:

- Preparation for final apprenticeship leaving exam
- Preparation and implemantation for higher education entrance exam
- Extra tuition / additional lectures
- Various KUS-courses, trainings & workshops (informal learning)

- 5 communication centres
- 4 individual care facilities
- 4 libraries
- Coaching for apprentices & training companies
- Psychotherapy for apprentices
- Assistance for homeless apprentices

- Various KUS-sports courses
- Work out & competitions

- Soundproject: music & workshops
- Project competitions
- Cultural programmes
- Dance & art


Numbers & facts 2017/18

In the past year participated 1270 apprentices at various KUS-courses. Additional to that we managed to organize extra tuition for 380 participants - 111 female and 269 male took advantage of the additional offer.

In total 1239 persons attended the programme for the final apprenticeship leaving exam, split into 355 female and 884 male. All in all 757 paticipants have been prepared for their final exams, 211 female and 546 male.

As a support for the apprentices that participate in the programme for the higher education entrance exam, we currently have 81 educational supporters and 36 mentors in use. This support is very unique in Austria as a whole. At the moment we have about 1788 participants in the programme.

In 2017 we had approximately 1618 contacts at the communication centres per week, of which 319 were female and 1299 were male visitors. The facilities for individual care had 82 contacts per week, of which 43 were female and 39 were male visitors.

With our various events and activities we reached 5097 participants - 3713 male and 1384 female apprentices enjoyed our offers. In addition to that the library at Mollardgasse had 1221 contacts, 215 female and 1006 male.

With our coaching for apprentices and training companies we could reach 769 apprentices, 258 female and 511 male coachees took advantage of the offer.

In the last years KUS-Network expanded and we are proud to be able to offer psychotherapy for apprentices in need of it. In 2017 60 persons attended the individual- and group-psychotherapy. Since two years up until now we also offer assistance for homeless apprentices, in total 20 persons have been sheltered, 9 female and 11 male.

In 2017 829 apprentices participated in competitions, 159 female and 670 male sportsenthusiastics.129 attended regular sports trainings, 39 female and 90 male.

Very popular are the workshops and the contests of Soundproject, where 233 apprentices participated (91 female and 142 male). 94 apprentices took part at 10 live events.

Counselling topics 2017

The main field of work of the communication centres and the individual care facilities lies in the individual personal support and counselling services.

2017 we had 4697 informative talks and counsellings. 1611 female and 3086 male
took advantage of them.

The apprentices are dealing with a lot of problems during their vocational trainings and with their made experiences at work.

The counselling topics are very varied. 45% of
the topics involve personal issues, which are:
9% relationships / sexuality
12% health
12% violence
7% finance
20% of the other topics are about school-,
15% about job-, 10% about family- and 10%
about leisure issues.

For a child friendly city it is necessary to offer education, constant support, opportunities and tools for self-empowerment.

KUS-Network is making a significant contribution!